Mold Inspection

Applied Restoration Group provides Commercial and Residential air quality testing utilizing advanced equipment and testing methods. If you suspect you have a mold problem, call us to schedule an inspection. Our licensed and certified inspectors will help you determine if you have mold growth present or conditions which could lead to mold growth.

home_mold_inspectionSampling is important for a property owner who has chosen a licensed mold contractor to perform their remediation project. Pre-sampling and confirmation sampling after the project is completed will eliminate all the guess work for you and your contractor. You can rest assured the work has been done adequately.

A mold inspector must determine which sampling method and media is most appropriate. Opinions slightly differ among mold professionals, however, the vast majority will utilize one of the following mold tests and preferred applications.

Mold Testing

Non-viable air sampling

The most common air sampling test used, these are most appropriate for identifying general elevations of mold spores. For example, a basement bedroom with a musty odor. Additionally, they are often used for clearance testing after remediation projects are completed.

Tape lift sampling

Useful in distinguishing between mold growth and other similar looking substances such as efflorescence. Additionally, tape lift samples are occasionally collected as part of post remediation verification.

Bulk sampling

Useful in analyzing samples without an on-site visit. For example, a shipping company finds a suspicious substance on their crates or containers. Visiting the site won’t yield much additional information and a small section of material can be easily sent to a lab.

Viable air sampling

Far less common than non-viable sampling, it is primarily used to connect specific mold growth to a specific IAQ problem. For example, if you need to establish a connection between visible mold growth from a broken kitchen sink line and airborne mold that may cause a negative health effect. This can only be accomplished with viable air sampling because it can identify both the genus and the species of the mold.
We work closely in partnership with reputable IAQ professionals and accredited laboratories to ensure that sampling analysis is complete, accurate, and on time! Properly performed Mold investigations protect people and investments.